The Beginners Guide to Inclusion

I recently took a course on inclusion practices. Although I am a special education teacher who is very familiar with the inclusion setting, I am always looking for new tips, techniques, or practices to bring into my classrooms and to better help my students. Inclusion is the practice of including special education students in the… Continue reading The Beginners Guide to Inclusion


5 Things to Remember When Talking to Parents

  One of the biggest parts of our job, and sometimes one of the most difficult parts of our job, is talking to parents.  Usually when parents contact us, it is not for something positive.  They usually contact us when they are upset or confused about something.  It is important that we maintain strong home/school… Continue reading 5 Things to Remember When Talking to Parents


4 Awesome Middle School Reading Resources

Most school districts that I am familiar with, do not have a reading curriculum to use with inclusion students in middle school that receiving pull out reading services.  At my school there is a sub-separate curriculum for reading but this does not address the specific needs of my students.  When I started working at my… Continue reading 4 Awesome Middle School Reading Resources