Classroom Organization

My biggest struggle in my job at the moment is organization.  I am currently working in a position that deals with excessive amounts of paperwork.  I am a special education teacher so I constantly have a flow of reports and IEPs that I am writing or referencing, I also have to keep work samples for my students so that I can provide evidence of their growth, and I reference it when I’m writing their progress reports at the end of each term.  Also, since I work in inclusion, I have homework assignments, tests and quizzes, and other papers for each of their classes that I use for different reasons.


Keeping all of this neat and straight is where I struggle.  Each year I try different approaches.  I’ve used binders, magazine holders, folders, letter trays, and this year I seem to be using a mix of all four.  Yet, I feel like I am always swimming in a mess of papers.  I feel like somewhere out there, there is a solution to my messy paper problem and I just need to find it.


Another part of the problem is that I am in an office and not a classroom.  The classroom teachers have cabinets galore, and a separate table for their computer and I have very minimal furniture.  I have one desk, a bookshelf, and a filing cabinet.  So I have limited surfaces to put organization tools on.  Right now my computer takes up most of my desk, and the top of my small, two-shelf bookshelf is where I keep my papers that I need handy and don’t want put away in my bookshelf.


I am always in the market for more organizational tools.  Let me know in the comments how you do things!  I would love for some fresh ideas!


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