Middle School Bulletin Boards

So as I’ve said before, I teach middle school inclusion. I have my own classroom but in that room I work with students on all subject areas. This caused me to have a hard time selecting bulletin boards for my classroom. I also have a small office with only one bulletin board. I didn’t want to focus on any one subject so I searched and searched and searched for things that would be appropriate for me.

After a few weeks of browsing the internet, I decided I wanted to go for motivating, or kindness bulletin boards; things that would make my students want to work harder or want to be better people.


This first one is my favorite, I kept this up for two years before I finally decided it was time to move on. I really worry about my middle schoolers and all the bullying that goes on on social media where parents and teachers often can’t see it. I remember being in middle school and it was hard enough going through that with AIM. Now they have so many avenues to express themselves but also to hurt others. I hopes that my students took the time to read this any maybe think about the message there.

I also have a big open back wall that I wanted to decorate. This was another bulletin board that I was really in love with.


If you have any great middle school bulletin boards, please share!

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